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Ever thought of staying in a tree house in India?

Shared by Carla Boechat

A child's dream that haunts me to this day: a tree house! Who has neverdreamed of having one in the yard so they can play for hours and sleep afterwatching the stars? I remember that distant cousins ​​had one, and once I went to visitthem I was dazzled! Just as I stayed when I came to an amazing eco resort in South India and discovered they had wood suites up in the trees, much morebeautiful than my best dreams could draw.

It isthe Vythiri Eco Resort , which is in theState of Kerala and has been voted the best eco resort in all of SoutheastAsia. Encrusted amidst a dense rainforest, do not expect WiFi or TV on thetop of your tree. But for a wonderful bed, a jacuzzi and an incredibleview. You climb many steps on a wooden staircase to your suite. Andyou come across a real luxury!

Each ofthe tree houses was built by indigenous tribes with materials found in theregion and uses solar energy and natural water that comes from the top of themountains. They are beautiful, romantic, charming. For me, hosting mychildhood dreams.

Beenchanted with these photos:

Carla Boechat

Journalist and also travel blogger since 2013. 28 years old, lived in Brazil, Canada & Chile and visited other 21 countries. Now living in Croatia

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